Ø 12,5cm Extractor Fans

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Natural Conditions
The perfect hydroponics setup is all about taking the conditions your plants would be exposed to in the wild and improving on them. Light, heat, water and nutrients are all of the utmost importance, but are worth nothing to your plants without plenty of fresh air. When growing indoors in a space of any size, fresh air will always be in limited supply – hence the importance of providing sufficient ventilation and circulation.

Ensuring your plants have the ideal supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide means being proactive with the way you both remove and deliver air into the grow room. This means investing in the best quality hydroponics extraction fans from brands you can trust, while at the same time working to keep the air in the room circulating at all times.

The Benefits of Fresh Air
It’s easy to overlook the importance of air quality, given the way in which you cannot see it around you and make an immediate judgement. However, just as soon as you begin proactively controlling the quality of the air, you’ll notice a huge difference to the way your plants perform.

For example, it’s been proven time and time again that when plants are provided with the best possible air, they tend to grow stronger, bigger, faster and produce much better final yields. Or in other words, everything that matters when it comes to hydroponic growing. Not only this, but there’s also the way in which careful control of air quality also allows for better control of ambient humidity and room temperature. By venting hot, humid air and bringing more fresh air into the room, it becomes much easier to take full control of the environment.

Stagnant air represents the ideal catalyst for the development of mould, rot and all manner of nasty plant diseases. In addition, a lot of the bugs and pests you’d rather keep away from your plants thrive when the air becomes stagnant. So once again, this is one very simple change that could add up to a big difference.

Simple Solutions
Setting up an effective ventilation and circulation system doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It’s simply a case of knowing the size, strength and specification of the fans you’ll be needing, before getting to work fitting them in place.

Here at Hydrosys, we’re always delighted to help advise on the various extraction and circulation solutions available to you. So for more information on how to get the most from your grow room or any other matters to do with hydroponics, get in touch with the Hydrosys team today.



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