Ø 20 cm Extractor Fans

Bigger growing spaces call for bigger, more powerful hydroponics extractor fans. Lucky for you, Hydrosys stocks a market-leading range of fans for every shape, size and type of grow room imaginable. Though easy to ignore, the quality of the air where you choose to grow your plants will make a big difference to their health, strength and the final yields you can expect.

As Hydrosys is a 100% independent company, we’re able to stock a market-leading collection of hydroponics extractor fans from the world’s leading manufacturers. Every product spanning our entire collection has been hand-selected and verified by us personally, in order to guarantee outstanding performance and value for money. Whatever type of hydroponic gardening you’re into and no matter when level you’re growing on, we’ve got the premium hardware to help you produce the best possible results.

Active Air Control
The quality of the air in the growing space is one of the most critical yet often overlooked aspects of all. As you cannot physically see the quality of the air around you, it’s natural to simply assume it’s fine. Unfortunately, anything other than the highest-quality, perfectly balanced air is guaranteed to stand in the way of your plants reaching their full potential. From temperature to humidity to CO2 content and more, overlook any of these things and you put the health and success of your plants in jeopardy.

Proactive air control means working with the highest-quality hydroponics extractor fans on the market, along with supplementary accessories to get the job done. It’s a case of ensuring that the air in the growing space is not given the opportunity to stagnate, or to run short on the key elements your plants need to thrive. Upon setting up a capable ventilation system, you will notice an incredible difference in the strength, resilience and even the grow-speed of your plants.

Quality Hardware
When setting up a hydroponics system of any kind, you inherently automate a great many key processes. Which in turn means you become reliant on the hydroponics electronics and hardware that power your grow rooms. Any kind of failure or poor performance and you run the risk of your plants being adversely affected. The whole point of hydroponics is that you produce outstanding results for minimal effort – hence why it simply makes sense to work with high-quality hardware you can trust.

Here at Hydrosys, we’re committed to stocking only the most advanced, innovative and high-quality hydroponics technology available. We scour the entire market and carry out regular reviews, in order to ensure that the latest and greatest devices and accessories make it straight to the Hydrosys collection. While there may be cheaper, lower-grade hydroponics hardware out there, it’s the kind of hardware that represents a risk not worth taking. Buy premier hardware and you invest in not only peak performance, but priceless peace of mind for the long-term.

Ask the Experts
If you’re having any trouble determining exactly what kind of hardware you need to get the most from your hydroponics setup, we’re ready and waiting to take your call. Whether just getting set up for the first time or growing on a commercial level, we’ve got the experience, the knowledge and the hardware to help you step things up in a big way.

What’s more, you can always trust advice from Hydrosys as impartial, honest and independent at all times. Give the team a call today to discuss your needs, or with any questions you may have on hydroponics exhaust systems.


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