ONA - Gel Odor Neutralizer

Hydrosys is committed to making every aspect of hydroponics and indoor growing as simple, affordable and enjoyable as possible. We believe that regardless of experience, intentions and budget limitations, it should still be possible to set up and maintain an outstanding indoor garden. Which is why you’ll find products to suit newcomers and experts alike across our catalogue, sourced exclusively from the world’s leading manufacturers. We refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to all aspects of hydroponics and indoor growing – hardware from Hydrosys is hardware you can trust.

Among our collection, you’ll find an extensive range of odour control products for all kinds of indoor growing environments. Whether growing at a commercial level or setting up for the first time at home, Hydrosys has the odour control to take full control of air quality and purity. Browse our product collection in full, or get in touch with the Hydrosys team today with any questions you may have.

The Simplest Odour Control Solution
Possibly the simplest of all products when it comes to effective odour control, ONA Gel Odour Neutraliser is a tried and trusted staple. Used by millions of indoor growers on a global basis, ONA Gel comprises a polymer gel which holds a complex mix of essential oils. The product as a whole is non toxic and environmentally friendly, yet at the same time provides industrial strength odour neutralisation for an extensive range of indoor environments.

What makes ONA Gel different is that it does not work as a masking agent.  Instead, it is an odour neutraliser – the natural evaporation process actually destroys unpleasant and overpowering odour at the source. Safer use around the home, around plants and even where there are pets about the place, organic ONA Gel can make the most incredible difference. Best of all, it is also perhaps the easiest to use of all odour control products for growing environments. It’s simply a case of removing the lid and positioning the tub in an appropriate position. In no time at all, the difference this incredibly simple product can make will undoubtedly take you by surprise.

While there are thousands of imitation product on the market that claim to do the same job as ONA Gel, the genuine article features an exclusive, patented formula that has been used across the hydroponics industry for more than 20 years. ONA Gel is completely different from the vast majority of air fresheners and gel-based odour neutralisers on the market – accept nothing less than the very best for your own indoor garden.

The Perfect Combination

For the most effective and reliable odour reduction and control possible, consider using ONA Gel in conjunction with other products from across the Hydrosys collection. If you already have a strong extraction and ventilation system in place, a high quality carbon filter can make a real difference.  Whether looking to bring strong fragrances under control purely for personal comfort or for the sake of discretion, you will find exactly what you need right here at Hydrosys.

If you are in any way uncertain as to which of the control products represent the best possible solution for your own indoor set up, simply get in touch with the Hydrosys customer service team for advice. We pride ourselves in offering 100% honest, impartial and independent advice at all times on all aspects of indoor growing and hydroponics across the board. Whether growing on a small level at home or looking to set up a much larger commercial-size grow room, Hydrosys has both the products and the experience to help you succeed.



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