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Making the switch to grow box cultivation can make the most incredible difference. From growth speed to yields to the overall quality of the final result, a premium grow box from a leading manufacturer can transform the way you approach indoor gardening. Which is precisely why here at Hydrosys, we are proud to offer a market leading range of grow boxes from the most reputable manufacturers currently in business.

We believe that hydroponics should be accessible, affordable and enjoyable for growers at all levels. From those who grow commercially for business purposes to those simply looking to set up an indoor herb garden, our range covers all bases and ticks all the right boxes. We are committed to making our customers’ money go as far as possible, exclusively stocking products that deliver the total package of premium performance and unrivalled value for money. Check out our range of Silverbox grow boxes, or get in touch with the team today for more information.

Premium Products from Silverbox
There are certain grow box manufacturers in the world that stand head and shoulders above all others. One of these is Silverbox, which over the years has earned a flawless reputation for designing and producing grow boxes of an entirely higher calibre. What makes the difference with a Silverbox grow box is the quality of the material used and the precision with which they are put together.

The fabric itself is extremely durable and does an outstanding job ensuring that light is unable to pass through. Though quick and easy to assemble, the intelligent chassis design produces a structure that is extremely rigid and features sturdy supports for carbon air filters, extractor fans, lighting kits and so on. Absolutely no additional tools are required to assemble grow boxes from Silverbox, which also feature three screened openings for passage ventilation.  The waterproof bottom can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning, while the high-quality zippers provide both easy access to the plants within and outstanding protection while closed.

In order to suit indoor gardeners at all levels, Silverbox grow boxes are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and specifications. These ultra-premium products come highly recommended for newcomers and professionals growers alike, as a means by which to simplify and speed up every stage of the growing process from start to finish.

Controlled Conditions
Working with a premium Silverbox grow box means taking complete and total control of the atmospheric conditions your plants are exposed to. Even with a relatively small room, it can be difficult to strike and maintain that perfect balance when it comes to things like temperature, ambient humidity, lighting and so on. All such essential considerations become significantly easier when using a grow tent – as does physically protecting your plants from a wide variety of external threats.

It has been proven time and time again that growing in such controlled conditions can and will have a positive impact on the speed your plants grow at, the health of your plants in general and the final yields you can expect. So no matter what it is you are growing and regardless of the scale, chances are you could be coming out with even better results by making the switch to grow box cultivation.

Get in Touch
If you are unsure as to which Silverbox grow box suits your needs best or have any other questions with regard to indoor growing, the Hydrosys team is standing by right now to take your call. What’s more, as we are always adding to our collection with the latest and greatest hardware from the market’s leading manufacturers, it’s worth checking back on a regular basis to see what’s new.



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