Semi Electronic Ballast

Setting up the best possible lighting system for your indoor garden means paying close attention to the quality of every essential component. From bulbs to ballasts to electronic timers and everything else besides, every link in the chain must be as strong and reliable as every other. If one element in your lighting system fails, the whole system may be rendered redundant. Here at Hydrosys, you will find only the industry’s most advanced, liable and capable hydroponics hardware, including a range of premium semi-electronic ballasts.  We’ve worked hard to establish an exclusive and comprehensive range of products, catering to all needs and all levels and all budgets. Whatever it takes to enhance and improve your indoor garden, you’ll find it right here at the best possible price.

We understand that setting up a professional-quality lighting system can be challenging – particularly for those new to hydroponics. For more information or to discuss your needs, get in touch with the Hydrosys customer service team anytime.

High-Quality Lighting Ballasts
Each and every lighting ballast available here at Hydrosys has been personally selected and verified by our team for total performance and value for money. In terms of which type and specification of ballast represents the best choice for your own indoor garden, it’s a case of calculating the needs of your plants in accordance with your available budget. However, whichever ballast you choose from Hydrosys, you are guaranteed consistently reliable performance and outstanding value for money.

Semi-electronic ballasts represent extremely cost-effective solutions for indoor gardens of all shapes and sizes. Low in price, affordable to operate and simple to work with, we exclusively supply the kinds of semi-electronic ballasts that are suitable for growers at all levels. Dependable and reliable performance where it matters most, backed by our total customer care package every step of the way.

We select every semi-electronic ballast that makes it to our collection in accordance with performance, safety and long-term durability. We do not believe in cutting corners on quality, when it comes to the kind of hydroponics hardware that will determine the success or otherwise of your indoor setup.  Quite simply, the quality of the hardware you purchase and install will have a direct and significant impact on the quality of your plants. If you would like to produce the best possible results, selecting the very best hardware is the only way of doing so.

Ask the Experts
If you have any questions or concerns regarding exactly which lighting ballasts or accessories across the board are best suited to your needs, the customer service team at Hydrosys is standing by to help. We take enormous pride in offering comprehensive support and guidance for growers at all levels. Whether looking to upgrade a current hydroponics garden or simply setting up for the first time, we can help you take things to the next level. From stronger plants to bigger yields to troubleshooting any problems you may have, the help and support you need is just a phone call away.

Check back regularly to see what’s new here at Hydrosys, or give us a call if you cannot find the exact products you’re looking for. If you’re out to take home the industry’s most outstanding products for the lowest possible price, you’ve come to the right place!




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