CFL Lamps

Short for "compact fluorescent light", CFL lamps are among the simplest and most affordable examples of grow lighting currently on the market. But despite the fact that CFL lamps can be picked up for next to nothing and put into operation in an instant, they also have the potential to be surprisingly effective.  They may not be the most advanced or sophisticated grow lights available, but they nonetheless provide an impressive light spectrum and can work wonders with a wide variety of plants. 

Here at Hydrosys, we specialise in the very best CFL lamps on the market from manufacturers you can trust. While it may be possible to pick up CFL lamps in a variety of forms from any hardware store or supermarket, not all are capable of nurturing the same results when it comes to indoor growing. Whatever kind of hydroponics you’re into, we can help provide you with the professional lighting hardware and accessories you’ll need to succeed. Upgrading to higher quality lighting can make such an enormous difference – one you’ll begin to see for yourself in no time at all.

Growing with CFL Lamps
Given their simplicity and affordable purchase price, CFL lamps are generally considered to be the very best starting point for newcomers getting into hydroponics and indoor growing for the first time. Even the most capable CFL lamps on the market specifically designed for cultivation tend to be comprehensively affordable across the board. What’s more, they are considered to be an ideal choice for anyone looking to set up in a particularly small or short grow space, such as a grow tent, the inside of a cupboard or even the inside of a large bucket. Suffice to say, quite possibly the perfect choice for newcomers experimenting with indoor growing for the first time.

CFL lamps are cheap to buy and affordable to run, while at the same time being compatible with the vast majority of standard household lighting fixtures.  Which in turn means there’s often no requirement to invest in any other lighting hardware to put CFL lamps to work. While it’s not technically true to say that CFL lamps are cold-running, the amount of heat they produce is nonetheless minuscule and of no real concern. Which is precisely why CFL lamps are suitable for use in smaller and more confined grow spaces, where it is important to ensure that any lighting provided does not affect the ambient temperature or burn plants in close proximity.

If you are starting out in hydroponics for the first time and looking for an affordable, easy way of testing the waters, there’s perhaps no better starting points than CFL lamps.

Getting Started
Of course, in order to get started with CFL lamps or any other type of grow lights across the board, you will first need to calculate your exact requirements.  This means taking into account what you intend to grow, how many plants you intend to grow and the size/type of your indoor setup in general. If unsure how to proceed, simply get in touch with the Hydrosys team and we will guide you through the process. Along with a wide range of CFL lamps, we are also proud to offer a collection of all-inclusive starter kits – ideally suited to hydroponics newcomers. 

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