Hydrosys is committed to supplying the industry’s most outstanding quality hydroponics and indoor growing hardware, with the most affordable prices guaranteed. We believe that premium-quality hydroponics hardware should be available and accessible for indoor gardeners at all levels, regardless of experience. Which is why along with industrial grade accessories and equipment, we also stock a wide variety of kits, accessories and add-ons for newcomers. Whatever it is you intend to grow and on whatever level, you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

High-quality lighting represents one of the most important hardware demands you’ll be needing to get started and succeed in indoor growing. Among our extensive collection of lighting kits and products, you’ll find a wide range of CFL Kits of the highest quality.  We can also help you determine exactly which products you’ll be needing to get the very most from your setup. Browse our collection in full, or get in touch with the Hydrosys team today for more information.

Affordable Accessories
For those looking to get started in the world of indoor growing for the first time, high-quality CFL Kits represent the simplest and most affordable place to start.  An abbreviation of compact fluorescent lamps, CFL Kits are uniquely easy to set up and use with minimal additional equipment required. In addition, they operate at much cooler temperatures than many other types of indoor grow lights, which in turn minimises the requirement for additional ventilation or cooling.  What’s more, CFL Kits that run at low temperatures can be positioned much closer to the plants themselves, without running the risk of causing any damage by overheating or burning them.

Despite the fact that CFL Kits can be extremely affordable and very easy to use, they also have the potential to be highly effective and reliable. Regardless of what it is you intend to grow, CFL Kits represent a great starting point for those entering the world of hydroponics for the first time. They can also be uniquely convenient to install and use when working in grow rooms with limited space available. Hydrosys is committed to stocking and supplying only the most outstanding quality CFL Kits on the market, meaning hardware and accessories you can rely on.

Calculating Your Needs
In order to ensure your plants are provided with exactly what they need to reach their maximum potential, you will need to calculate exactly how much and what type of grow lighting you require. We understand this can be a little tricky for those new to hydroponics, which is why the Hydrosys team is always on-hand to offer support and assistance. If you would like any help whatsoever in determining the very best lighting products for your requirements, simply give the team a call today and we will help point you in the right direction.

Hydrosys is a fully-independent retailer, which means you can rely on the advice and guidance we offer as 100% honest, impartial and objective at all times. We refuse to compromise on quality, which in turn means that even our most affordable CFL Kits guarantee outstanding performance and the kind of reliability required to get the very most from your indoor garden.

Our extensive range of CFL Kits for hydroponics and indoor growing in general is always being extended and enhanced with the latest innovations, as and when they arrive on the market. As such, it’s worth checking back on a regular basis to see what’s new, or give the Hydrosys team a call at any time to discuss the very best products for your needs.


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