Aeroponics Systems

Shop with Hydrosys for the latest hydroponics and aeroponics technology. As a fully independent company, we’re able to work with an extensive range of brands and manufacturers to bring you the highest-quality hardware at the lowest possible prices. From simple domestic setups to the largest commercial grow rooms, whatever it takes to get the job done, you can count on Hydrosys.

Whether looking to set up a complete aeroponic system from scratch or simply after a few essential accessories, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. We’ve worked hard to put together an outstanding collection of hardware, for anyone looking to build, extend, repair or improve an aeroponic grow system of any kind. If you’re new to aeroponics and have been thinking of trying it out for yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

The Aeroponics Revolution
Those new to aeroponics are invited to join what’s no less than an incredible revolution in intelligent growing. Contrary to first impressions, aeroponic gardening is actually quite simple – not to mention supremely effective. What’s more, it also has the potential to be uniquely efficient, cost-effective and simple to maintain long-term.

Most of the key principles of standard hydro growing extend to aeroponic systems. Just as with hydro, the plants themselves are not grown in soil or a similar growing medium, but instead suspended in the air in a controlled growing environment. Where aeroponics differs however is in the way the nutrient solution is delivered.

With hydroponics, you’d be using either a tray, a channel, a bucket or some other means to physically submerge the roots of the plants in the nutrient solution. With aeroponics, the solution is converted into a very fine mist, which is subsequently sprayed into the area where the plants are suspended. The mist ensures that the roots are evenly, gently and sufficiently coated in the solution, in order to allow for the most efficient possible absorption.

As with other types of hydroponic setups, aeroponic systems are active for a set period of time, before being switched off. This helps ensure that the roots are also able to absorb all the oxygen they need, without drying out. An aeroponic system is controlled by an automated timer, meaning there’s very little for the grower to do other than make sure the nutrient solution is provided.

One unique benefit of the aeroponic garden is the way in which it has the potential to be extremely efficient. As everything takes place in a controlled, contained environment, there is very little wastage of nutrient solution that goes unused with each spraying. What’s more, comparatively little water is needed in the first place, while soil is eliminated from the equation entirely.

The modern aeroponics can be as large, small, simple or complicated as you like. It’s even possible to set up the smallest, self-contained counter-top gardens for growing herbs and other small plants at home. Just like hydroponics, making the switch to aeroponics has the potential to change the way you look at controlled growing once and for all.

Buy the Best
With any automated gardening system it’s of critical importance to only ever buy the very best hardware. The reason being that if your pump or any other mechanical parts were to let you down, it could put your entire crop in jeopardy. Which is precisely why we refuse to compromise on quality and will only ever list products that we’ve hand-selected for total performance and reliability.

We’re constantly adding to our collection with the latest kits, accessories and essentials from the world’s leading suppliers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch with the Hydrosys team for further advice. We pride ourselves on delivering the total package of premium quality, unbeatable value for money and the best possible customer service.


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