Aeroponics Kit

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What Are Aeroponics?
Contrary to popular believe, aeroponics isn’t quite as complicated a concept as it may appear on the surface. It’s essentially a slightly different take on hydroponics, though as well as removing the soil from the equation, aeroponics also requires very little water. It is already being widely used on an industrial level, while at the same time having been highlighted as a highly effective growing method by NASA. Aeroponic setups can be built horizontally or vertically, in order to make the very best use of all available space.

For those looking to get into aeroponics for the first time, our complete kits represent the very best way of getting started!

How Aeroponics Work
The idea of aeroponics is that rather than using a nutrient solution or soil as a growing medium, the plants are provided with the nutrients they need in the form of a mist. The plants are suspended in frames in a manner that ensures their roots are suspended in the air, with at least a little space all around. They must also be positioned so that the plants themselves can grow accordingly.

The plants are subsequently sprayed with a very fine mist, which contains all the nutrients that would usually be present in a liquid nutrient mix for hydro growing. This ensures that the plants are provided with exactly what they need to reach maximum health and strength, while at the same time ensuring that oxygen absorption at the root-level goes uninterrupted. The spray is not constant, but instead administered on a regular basis by way of an automated timer.

And as the entire system is enclosed, there is minimal wastage of nutrient solution. Any moisture that isn’t absorbed by the plants runs back into the main reservoir for reuse at a later time.

A Compact Solution
Aeroponics are becoming a go-to in industry circles, for the way in which they guarantee outstanding yields in comparatively small spaces. Along with higher yields per square metre, studies have also shown than aeroponic growing can produce plants that are stronger, healthier and produce more crops than standard soil-grown alternatives.

What’s more, aeroponic growing systems can be set up in extremely small spaces, making them perfect for smaller homes and apartments. Aeroponics growing is considered by many to be the future of growing – why not get started right now?

Ask the Experts
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If you don’t see any kits that take your fancy, we can help advise on the separate components required to set up your dream aeroponics system at home. Every item we stock comes with our own guarantee of outstanding quality, along with the Hydrosys customer care package as standard.

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