DWC and Passive Systems

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Active Vs Passive Hydroponics
The difference between passive and active hydroponics lies in the way in which the nutrient solution is delivered to the plants. Advanced active hydro systems have the potential to deliver the very best results of all, though can be more complicated and expensive in nature. Passive hydro systems can deliver truly excellent results and are incredibly easy to set up. What makes the best choice for you will be determined by your needs, your expectations and your budget. However, if you’re looking for the simplest, most affordable way of getting into hydroponics for the first time, chances are you’ll be right at home with a passive setup.

Passive Hydroponics
With passive hydroponics, it’s all about simplicity. Passive hydro setups work by positioning the growing medium itself within the nutrient solution. There are no pumps or mechanical parts required to make the system work, as the solution is added manually and then simply ‘wicked’ up to where the roots can absorb it. As there is total exclusion of manual parts, these kinds of systems are easier to set up, cheaper to invest in and technically have a much lower chance of going wrong. Or at least, they are not susceptible to damage in the event of mechanical failure, which may otherwise harm an active hydro system.

Deep Water Culture Systems (DWC)
In the case of the deep water culture hydro system – also known as the bubbler system – the whole setup is contained within a bucket. Perhaps the simplest of all hydro systems, the roots of the plant are submerged in the nutrient solution at all times, while an air pump positioned in the bottom of the bucket provides an optimum supply of oxygen. These self-contained systems are easy to set up in a matter of minutes and are a great choice for beginners. They’re also great where limited space is available.

Active Hydroponics
Generally speaking, active hydro systems come highly recommended for those with little experience in hydro growing, along with anyone looking to produce the best possible results. Active systems are far more complex than passive hydro systems, enabling them to deliver measured and controlled nutrients with pinpoint precision. However, for most hobbyists looking to set up at home, passive and DWC hydro setups are more than sufficient.

Setting Up at Home
Here at Hydrosys, we’re proud to offer the market’s widest range of hydroponics hardware, including the latest grow kits, accessories, add-ons and more. We’re also here to help every step of the way, if you have any questions or concerns with regard to your own hydro setup. We can help guide you through the process of setting up, offering our fully impartial, independent advice on the products best suited to your needs.

Hydro growing is an incredibly enjoyable, immersive and rewarding alternative to standard soil growing. Take it from us when we say once you start, there’s really no going back!

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