Ebb and Flood Systems

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The Ebb and Flood System
Of all the different types of hydroponic gardening, ebb and flood is considered to be the ‘classic’ above all others. It tends to be the most popular setup of all, most likely due to it being one of the easiest to understand, simplest to build and most reliable when it comes to results. It’s also hugely versatile and scalable, making it great for plants of all shapes and sizes.

Summed up in the simplest of terms, an ebb and flood system – also known as ebb and flow – consists of an upper grow tray for the plants and a reservoir beneath for the nutrient solution. The plants are suspended a couple of inches above the grow tray, in order to receive the nutrient solution only when it is pumped up from the reservoir.

A pump transports the solution up to the grow tray, filling it to the exact height required for the plants to absorb it. Any excess is filtered away through an overflow valve. The plants’ roots are wet during the wet/flood cycle, then left to absorb oxygen for a while as the water flows away and once again exposes them. The whole system is automated, meaning that all the grower has to take care of is ensuring the appropriate nutrient solution is provided in the reservoir.

The Benefits of Ebb and Flow
Along with the obvious benefits of stronger, healthier and generally better crops (as with all hydro systems), there are further benefits to ebb and flood systems. For example, they tend to be among the easiest of all hydro systems to set up, with the majority of parts and kits simply slotting together in seconds. What’s more, they can be made to pretty much any size and shape specification imaginable, for total flexibility.

They’re also very easy to use and don’t require any existing knowledge of hydroponics. Even if this is your very first time with such a system, you may find it surprisingly simple to get up and running. The way in which an ebb and flood system works inherently means that whatever you grow will be provided with a rich and constant supply of nutrients. This can be especially useful when growing more demanding crops like strawberries.

And of course, the fact that ebb and flood systems are also comparatively cheap to set up serves as a further bonus. When considering the kinds of results you may achieve, value for money is truly outstanding.

Beware Bargains
With all active hydro systems, it is important to stay away from bargain-basement hardware at all times. The reason being that should any key component fail, it could wipe out your garden in next to no time. Even if it means spending a little more, premium hardware and accessories really are the only way to go.

Here at Hydrosys, we’d be delighted to advise and guide you on the best ebb and flow hydroponics hardware currently available, in accordance with your needs and budgets. So for more information or to discuss any aspect of hydroponics, give our customer service team a call today.


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