Vertical Systems

Shop with Hydosys for the market’s leading range of high-end vertical hydroponics systems. Whether looking to set up commercially or simply try out hydro as a new hobby, we’ve got the hardware you need at the lowest possible prices. We work exclusively with premium brands and manufacturers from all over the world, in order to guarantee our customers total performance and unrivalled value for money. So whether just setting up for the first time or looking to take your hydro systems to the next level, check out our comprehensive range today, or get in touch with the Hydrosys team for more information.

Vertical Hydro Setups
If you’re looking for outstanding results and the best possible yields while utilising as little floor space as possible, vertical hydroponic setups are for you. Already the method of choice for many of the world’s most successful and reputable commercial growers. Vertical hydro systems can transform even the smallest of spaces into extremely functional grow areas.

There are various different approaches to take when it comes to the actual hydroponics type used to grow in a vertical setup. However, the one thing that remains the same across all instances is that by working with vertical space, you can make the best possible use of every inch of floor space available to you. Working with a ‘flat’ hydroponics system you’re limited in terms of how much you can grow at any one time by the size of your room. With vertical hydroponics, it’s possible to double, triple or even increase available growing space by 10X or more. All while ensuring your crops are given the very best environment and treatment, in order to deliver a stellar harvest.

Additional Benefits of Vertical Systems
Along with being able to grow so much more in a smaller space, another of the key benefits of the vertical setup affects lighting. When you work with a flat hydro setup, the more plants you add horizontally, the more lighting units you’ll need to deliver the conditions they need. However, when working with a vertical hydro setup, each additional layer can be positioned in such close proximity to existing lighting fixtures that it’s unlikely any additional hardware will be required. Which in turn means bigger and better results, for lower setup and operational costs.

Working with a vertical setup can also be uniquely convenient, given the way in which you have access to so many more of your plants in the same small space. Inspection, pruning and generally taking care of your crops becomes so much easier, again contributing toward the overall quality of results you’re likely to achieve.

Last up, the kinds of vertical hydro kits and hardware on the market these days are so incredibly versatile that they’re just as suitable for home gardening as they are for commercial growing. If you’re looking to get the most for your time, effort and investment, you won’t go wrong with a vertical setup.

Buying the Best
As with all examples of active hydro systems, it is of critical importance that you buy only the very best hardware available. By automating the most important features of the system, you become fully reliant on the hardware you use to do its job properly and to not let you down.

Here at Hydrosys, we supply only the most outstanding hardware on the market. As a fully independent brand, we’re able to stock and advise on the very best hydroponics gear from multiple sources, with zero brand bias and total objectivity. Which means that when you’re advised by the Hydrosys team, it’s advice you know you can trust!

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