Aerogarden and Domestic Hydroponics

Shop with Hydrosys for the most outstanding quality hydroponics hardware for all purposes. From the most extensive industrial grow-rooms to the smallest domestic setups, we’re committed to the highest quality standards and the lowest possible prices. Every product spanning our entire collection has been hand-selected by us personally for unrivalled performance and reliability. We’re proud to offer the highest possible customer service standards and can always be counted on when impartial, honest and 100% independent advice is needed.

Whatever your hydroponics ambitions, Hydrosys can help guide you in the right direction.

Aerogarden Home Growing Kits
For anyone looking to get into hydroponics or areoponics for the first time, the Aerogarden comes highly recommended. Massively popular all over the world and the perfect introduction to contemporary home growing, setting up an indoor mini-garden with the Aerogarden is a walk in the park.

What’s different about the Aerogarden is the way in which it takes care of almost everything on your behalf. Even when compared to the simplest standard hydroponics systems on the market, the Aerogarden really is the next level in simplicity and performance. With a standard hydroponics setup, there are still certain responsibilities than need to be dealt with on a regular basis. With the Aerogarden, all you need to do is add a couple of nutrient tablets every now and again – the system handles everything else from start to finish.

What’s also great about the Aerogarden is the way in which it is such a compact and neat unit, it can be positioned almost anywhere in the home. If you’ve space, it makes a great ornamental herb garden to proudly display in the kitchen. If not, the fact that it is totally self-contained in terms of lighting, nutrients and so on means you can position it pretty much anywhere around the home and still come out with incredible results. Quite simply, there is no easier or faster way of getting into home hydroponics for the first time.

Suffice to say, the Aerogarden also represents a fantastic gift idea, for anyone you believe may get a kick from hydroponic gardening at home.

Domestic Hydroponics
Contrary to popular belief, setting up a hydroponic or even aeroponic system at home doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. The last few years have seen the market welcome an incredible new collection of domestic hydroponic equipment – all geared toward the fastest, easiest and best results at home. Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience in hydroponics, you’ll find it so much easier than you thought to get started.

Here at Hydrosys, we put as much emphasis on quality with our domestic hydroponics range as we do with our commercial-grade products. Regardless of how small or simple you’d like your setup to be, we supply only the most outstanding hardware on the market that’s built to both perform and last. What’s more, with our comprehensive advice and support, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to take your first steps into the incredible world of hydroponics.

Bigger, Better Results
Armed with an Aerogarden or any quality domestic hydro kit, you simply won’t believe the kinds of results you’re capable of. Hydro growing is all about producing bigger, stronger and better plants in a much shorter period of time in 100% organic and controlled environment. Even in the smallest of urban homes where space is limited, chances are you’ll still find room for a compact hydro grow kit.

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