Orchids have a reputation for being among the most difficult of all plants to grow. In reality however, it’s simply a case of acknowledging and satisfying their primary needs. When working with an advanced hydroponics system, cultivating orchids can actually be relatively simple. The fact that much of the process can be automated means that very little direct input is required on the part of the grower. However, one thing that must be taken extremely seriously when it comes to growing orchids is the quality of the nutrients provided. As these are the kinds of plants that are particularly sensitive when it comes to nutrient quality and balance, it is critically important to provide growing orchids with only the finest nutrients and additives on the market.

Here at Hydrosys, you’ll find an extensive range of nutrients and additives sourced exclusively from leading manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. We are relentlessly committed to delivering the total package of superior performance and outstanding value for money, across our entire product catalogue. We don’t believe in cutting corners for the sake of saving money – especially when doing so could potentially damage or destroy the plants you grow. While it’s important to be aware of nutrient quality when growing any kinds of plants across the board, it is particularly important when growing sensitive plants like orchids.

Premium Products
The main reason orchids are generally considered difficult to grow is because far too many newcomers to orchid cultivation dive in at the deep end, without first doing their homework. Orchids are entirely unique and could be considered demanding, but need not be any more difficult than any other plants to grow using a premium hydroponics setup. From the hardware itself to your chosen nutrient delivery method to the control systems you install and the nutrients you provide your plants with, you and you alone will determine how successful or otherwise your orchid cultivation is. That being said, the Hydrosys customer service team is standing by at all times to offer independent support, guidance and advice on all aspects of hydroponic growing.

Across our extensive collection of nutrients and additives, you’ll find the very best products from leading manufacturers like Advanced Nutrients, Advanced Hydroponics, Atami, Aptus, Cellmax, Biobizz, BioMagno, Bionova, Canna, Growth Technology, GHE, General Organics by GHE, Gold Label, Guano Kalong, Plagron, Antika Officina Botanika and many more besides. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website, simply get in touch with the Hydrosys team today and we’ll do our best to help.

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We take enormous pride in catering to the needs of every grower at every level, not to mention every budget. From professionals looking to improve final yields to first-time newcomers interested in setting up an indoor herb garden, our exclusive product collection covers all bases. What’s more, as an independent company, we’re able to offer comprehensively honest and impartial advice on every aspect of hydroponic growing and associated products.

For more information or advice on any aspect of hydroponics or indoor growing in general, get in touch with the Hydrosys customer service team today.




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