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For many professional crop cultivators worldwide, clones and cuttings are the only way of going about producing plants. While there will always be those who favour growing from seed, clones have nonetheless taken over as the primary cultivation method for a growing number of hydroponic gardeners.  The advantages of growing from clones are numerous, including faster results, potentially stronger plants and the ability to create identical copies to premium mother plants. However, in order to succeed with clones and to go on to produce the best possible results, it is critically important to nurture the strongest possible root development during those critical early stages.

Here at Hydrosys, we highly recommend the use of rooting gel and associated additives, the likes of which have been specifically developed to encourage strong root development. As with all nutrients, additives and important growing accessories, the quality of the rooting gel you work with will make a significant difference to the performance of your clones. Brands like Clonex have earned global reputations for consistent excellence, having been used on billions of cuttings and proven capable of delivering superior results, every time. Each of the rooting products and additives that makes it to the Hydrosys collection has been personally selected and verified by our team, in order to guarantee outstanding quality and performance without exception. Give your clones the strongest possible start in life with products like those from Clonex and you stand to achieve the best possible results going forwards.

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There are so many advantages to high quality rooting gels that go above and beyond traditional powders and liquids. For one thing, rooting gel cannot spill or blow around, meaning that the gel remains firmly affixed to the stem throughout the plant’s rooting period. This in turn encourages much stronger and faster root development. In addition, rooting gels will not wash off when the plants are watered, instead holding in place and continuing to provide the plants with essential and powerful rooting hormone. Used in conjunction with other rooting products, high-quality gels can make the most spectacular difference when it comes to producing the kinds of young plants that go on to develop into strong, healthy and generous-yielding adult plants.

It’s important to remember that everything that takes place during the later stages of a plant’s life will be determined by what happens during the plant’s earliest days and weeks. To provide your plants with the best possible start in life is to stand the highest chance of going on to produce the kinds of results you expect. Cutting corners on the quality of the nutrients, additives and other supplies you use when cultivating from cuttings represents a risk that simply isn’t worth taking.

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