While it’s important to ensure that plants are provided with exactly what they need at every growth stage, nothing matters more than getting them off to the strongest possible start. To produce seedlings and young plants of exceptional quality and strength is to go on to produce mature plants and yields of the highest calibre. By contrast, seedlings and young plants that do not have the required strength and resilience are likely to suffer and struggle throughout their entire lives. While the initial propagation process may be relatively simple, it is not to be overlooked in its importance.

Here at Hydrosys, you’ll find an extensive range of propagators sourced from market leading manufacturers all over the world. Whether looking to the simplest traditional propagator or a more advanced aeroponic propagator, you’ll find exactly what you need right here for the lowest possible price. Hydrosys works hard to cater to the needs of every grower at every level, regardless of experience or the available budgets. Giving your plants the best possible start is of critical importance, which means setting up with the very best hardware you can rely on from the earliest possible stage.

All Needs, All Budgets
The real beauty of growing with hydroponics is the way in which the entire process can be uniquely simple and enjoyable. However, both the simplicity of the cultivation process and the results you can expect to achieve will be influenced significantly by the quality of the hardware you use. The better the hardware, the simpler the growing process and better the results. By contrast, cut corners on any key hardware or accessories and you run the risk of facing both difficulties throughout the growing process and disappointing results.

This begins at the very start of the plant’s life cycle, during initial germination and propagation. It is during these critically important early stages that much of what happens next will be determined. It is the time during which plants begin their journey to strength, resilience and the ability to deliver high yields, or quite to the contrary. Providing plants with exactly what they need at every key stage during their life is important – these initial, early stages being just about the most important of all.

Making the Right Choice
When it comes to choosing propagators and propagation accessories, making the right choice comes down to evaluating your needs and the plants you intend to grow. Different approaches to propagation are better suited to different types of plants, though we specialise in premium propagators and related accessories that can get the job done flawlessly for most plants across the board.

If you require any further information on any of the products we sell, get in touch with the Hydrosys customer service team today. Likewise, we’d be happy to help advise and guide you on any aspect of hydroponic cultivation, including initial propagation. Regardless of what it is you intend to grow or your current skill/experience level, we can help ensure you get the very most from your time, effort and money.

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