Combo pH EC Meters

Whatever your chosen approach to hydroponic growing, there are certain essential priorities that remain the same. One of these is keeping a careful eye on pH and EC readings, in order to ensure that your plants are provided with the best possible growing conditions. It is the nutrient solution you provide that gives your plants everything they need to grow, thrive and reach their full potential. But along with ensuring that the solution contains the key nutrients your plants need, it is also important to carefully monitor and manage the quality of the nutrient solution. Along with premium ingredients, the solution needs to be perfectly balanced in terms of pH and EC levels.

While it may come across as complicated, it’s actually relatively easy to ensure pH and EC levels are perfectly balanced at all times. It’s simply a case of investing in the necessary pH and EC meters and monitoring devices, in order to gain an accurate insight into the quality of your nutrient solution at all times. If the pH and EC levels are out of balance in any way, it will be impossible for your plants to efficiently absorb and put to use the essential nutrients they need.  Which in turn means that their performance will suffer, ultimately leading to disappointing results. As it is impossible to accurately guess or predict pH and EC levels without the required measuring devices, it is important that they be put to use throughout the cultivation process.

Professional Hardware
Here at Hydrosys, you’ll find an extensive range of premium quality hardware from the most reliable and reputable manufacturers currently in business. The simple fact of the matter is that there is nothing to gain from investing in substandard pH and EC monitors and measuring devices, which have the potential to provide you with inaccurate or unreliable readings. The readings you are provided with will determine exactly what kind of action needs to be taken, which will have a direct and significant impact on the way your plants perform. As such, it is critically important to work only with the kind of hardware you can trust to provide you with comprehensively accurate and reliable readings at all times.

To overlook the importance of pH and EC management is to severely limit the likelihood of producing premier results. Whatever it is you grow, you need to ensure that your plants are provided with optimum growing conditions at all times. This means watching over not only the atmospheric conditions in the growing environment itself, but also the pH and EC levels of the nutrient solution you provide. Likewise, you also need to keep tabs on pH and EC when growing in soil. The exact levels that are most appropriate for your plants will be determined by the types of plants you grow. In all instances however, it is an essential consideration not to be overlooked.

Ask the Experts
If you need any help or advice with regard to providing your plants with ideal growing conditions, the Hydrosys customer service team is here to help. We have unrivalled experience and expertise in all areas of hydroponic growing, which enables us to offer comprehensive advice and support on every aspect of crop cultivation.

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