pH Meters and Monitoring

One of the only things that remains common among every type of hydroponics setup is the importance of the quality of the nutrient solution provided.  It is the nutrient solution that provides plants in a hydroponics system with the building blocks they need to grow successfully. But along with ensuring that the solution contains the ideal balance of nutrients, it is also critically important to monitor and control pH levels.

The pH of the nutrient solution you provide your plants with indicates whether it is neutral, acidic or alkaline. If the pH level is seven, it is neutral. If the pH is lower than seven, then the solution is acidic, while a pH reading above seven means that the solution is alkaline. The pH of the nutrient solution plays a direct role in determining exactly how successfully and efficiently your plants will absorb the solution and gain access to the nutrients they need. The specific plants you choose to grow will determine exactly what kinds of pH levels are appropriate for your hydroponics setup, though in general terms pH level should be kept between 5.8 and 6.2. By contrast, a pH level of 6.5 is normal for soil gardens.

Precise Management
Here at Hydrosys, we make it as easy and affordable as possible for growers at all levels to precisely manage and control pH levels at all times. Across our extensive product catalogue, you’ll find an unrivalled range of pH meters and monitoring hardware, along with the required additives and extras to bring pH levels under control where necessary. We specialise in the kind of professional quality hardware that makes providing ideal growing conditions as simple as possible, regardless of your current experience or skill level. What’s more, we work hard to bring our customers the most outstanding products on the market for the lowest possible prices, without exception.

Contrary to popular belief, taking full control of all growing conditions across the board does not need to be difficult, complicated or expensive. It’s simply a case of ensuring that you work with the best possible equipment at all times, keeping a close eye on growing conditions and making proactive corrections where necessary. It is impossible to accurately guess or predict pH levels, without using a high-quality measuring device to provide you with a true reading. We stock only the kinds of meters and monitoring devices that are comprehensively easy to use, while at the same time guarantee accurate readings and reliable performance for all hydroponic gardens.

Ask the Experts
We understand that when it comes to the finer details of hydroponic growing, there are certain subjects that can be somewhat daunting. Which is precisely why the Hydrosys customer service team is on hand at all times, to offer expert support and guidance on all aspects of indoor growing. Whether looking to improve yields, expand your current hydroponic garden or simply get started with hydroponics for the first time, you’ll find everything you need right here under one roof.

Hydrosys is a fully independent company, which allows us to offer 100% impartial and honest advice on all aspects of indoor growing. So to discuss any of the products you see on our website or for more information on anything to do with hydroponics, get in touch with the Hydrosys customer service team today for a chat.