Urban Farming

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest and most affordable entry-point to home growing, you’ve come to the right place! Hydrosys is proud to offer an extensive range of products and accessories, sourced from the biggest and best brands in the business. Among our wider collection, you’ll find a range of seeds and growing kits from Urban Farming – a leading name in home growing. Requiring minimal space and promising the most reliable results every time, Urban Farming makes it easy to produce professional-quality crops at home. Regardless of existing experience in home growing, anyone can produce outstanding crops with a little help from Urban Farming.

We believe that the best results start with the very best seeds and essential accessories on the market. Home growing is all about getting back what you’re willing to put in. With Urban Farming, you get the very best, every time. Growing herbs at home is uniquely satisfying and rewarding, resulting in delicious, 100% organic herbs that are vastly superior to the store-bought variety. Easy to grow, economical and hugely enjoyable, Urban Farming is all about maximum performance for minimal costs. For more information on any of our seeds or other products from across the Hydrosys catalogue, get in touch with the team today.

Taste the Difference
The simple fact of the matter is that once you’ve tasted the difference with home grown herbs, there’s really no going back. Along with producing fully organic herbs of the highest quality, growing at home can also be uniquely cost-saving. What’s more, the real beauty of indoor growing is the way in which it can continue throughout the year and is in no way affected by the seasons. Just as long as you have a safe, quiet and sunny corner to position the pots, you’ll be harvesting incredible herbs all year round. The vast majority of home growers who try their hand at herb cultivation never go back to the store-bought variety - try them for yourself and you’ll see why.

Hydrosys was founded to make every aspect of the crop cultivation process as easy and rewarding as possible, for growers at all levels. Regardless of existing experience or budget restrictions, we make it easy to grow outstanding quality crops of all types. We focus on quality above all else, helping our customers produce professional-quality results for the lowest possible prices. From the simplest seeds to the most advanced hydroponics technology, we personally select and verify everything we sell for total performance and value for money

Get in Touch
If you have any questions regarding any of the products we sell or would like to discuss any aspect of home growing, the Hydrosys team is here to help. As an experienced and fully independent business, we can be counted on to offer honest, open and impartial advice on all aspects of home growing across the board. Whatever you’d like to grow and regardless of your preferred growing style, we can help you achieve truly outstanding results, every time.

Simply get in touch with the team and we’ll share with you a few trade secrets to help you along the way. Or if you don’t see the seeds or other products you’re looking for listed here, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.